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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Multipurpose Data Calculator

Since the arrival of DSL in the home, one thing that was frequently bothersome was the process of estimating the total time it will take to download a file of certain size, given a constant download speed. Even more so, partly because of extensive use bandwidth management, calculating the speed that should be allocated to download a file of a specified size in a set time duration was necessary.Bored by the repeated calculations, the need for some software emerged that would do the job. One or two softwares already made do calculate time, but not the other options.
Therefore, it was time to brush up the programming skills and create such a software. The result is a calculator, which is named MpDataCalc (Multipurpose Data Calculator), that can calculate speed, time and data size – given any two of the variables.
It will be of benefit to others as well, so here it is.

1) Calculates speed of data transfer, given data size and time
2) Calculates volume or size of data that will be transferred given a specific speed and time duration.
3) Calculates time required to download/upload a file of given size at a specified transfer speed.

MpDataCalc - Utility to calculate various Data Transfer variables.

Download: Download from

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