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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Using Tunatic to Identify Music Playing on Computer

Many tunatic users get confused about using it to identify music playing on the computer. Tunatic is normally configured to identify music through microphone. In many cases this degrades the music quality and sometimes tunatic fails to identify music. To configure tunatic to identify the music playing on the computer instead, the following steps may be followed.

Step One:

Open windows volume control either through control panel or by double clicking the volume icon on the system tray.

Step Two: 
Click on Options and then Properties.
Selected 'Recording Controls' and make sure 'Stereo Mix' option in 'Show following Recording Controls' is checked. Click OK.

Step Three:
Select the 'Stereo Mix' option by putting a check mark on the select checkbox below it.
Click OK. Tunatic is now ready to identify music playing on your computer.