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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Using Tunatic to Identify Music Playing on Computer

Many tunatic users get confused about using it to identify music playing on the computer. Tunatic is normally configured to identify music through microphone. In many cases this degrades the music quality and sometimes tunatic fails to identify music. To configure tunatic to identify the music playing on the computer instead, the following steps may be followed.

Step One:

Open windows volume control either through control panel or by double clicking the volume icon on the system tray.

Step Two: 
Click on Options and then Properties.
Selected 'Recording Controls' and make sure 'Stereo Mix' option in 'Show following Recording Controls' is checked. Click OK.

Step Three:
Select the 'Stereo Mix' option by putting a check mark on the select checkbox below it.
Click OK. Tunatic is now ready to identify music playing on your computer.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Song Identification - Methods, Tools & Tips

Sooner or later, every music lover encounters a situation in which a beautiful piece of melody, music or song is listened to or heard of but without knowing either its singer, song name or composer. For example, listening to some unknown song in a bar, club or a shop and then developing a liking for it only to find out that it cannot be found on the internet or bought off a shop because of lack of knowledge about the song name and/or artist.

Thanks to the modern technology, identifying a song from music, lyrics or tone is not difficult anymore. Here are a few steps to take, if it is required to identify a song from various options.

Identify a Song from Music or Sample
Tunatic is an extraordinary utility that works literally like a magic in identifying songs. It works by listening to the song, then sending bits of it to its server where they are matched against a gigantic database and then it returns the result if a match is found. Tunatic is unique in the way that it actually listens to the rhythm of the song and so factors such as different song quality, background noises etc, do not affect its working. What it means is that if the song to be identified is being played on some external audio player and it is fed into Tunatic from a microphone, the magical utility will still be able to identify the song. (Provided the song is in the server database). So if a sample of the song to be identified is available, the best option is to use Tunatic, because it is fast, friendly and best of all completely FREE.
To use Tunatic for a song playing on the computer, all that is needed is to download and run Tunatic, then from Volume Control, select Options->Properties and then Recording. Then select Stereo Mix as recording device and keep the Stereo Mix volume at 20-30%. Now play the song sample in any media player and press the magnifying glass on the Tunatic window. Thats it!!

Identify a Song from Lyrics
Identifying a song from lyrics is pretty easy. If part of lyrics of the song are known then the best option is to put them in the Google search engine surrounded by double quotes. Almost 99% of the time, the song name will pop-up as the top search result. Otherwise, many lyrics websites exists which also allow the functionality to search within song lyrics for specific words. A little bit of searching there can easily produce the desired song name. All The Lyrics is one of the biggest lyrics search engine, very helpful in identifying the song from lyrics. Other options include Lyrster, E-Lyrics and for HINDI Songs identification from Lyrics, the best sites are Hindi Lyrix and Giitaayan.

Identify a Song by Singing or Humming
NameMyTune is a site which offers song recognition based on singed tune or simply humming. Actually it works by recording a sample of the humming or singing and then other users of the site listen to that and respond if they recognize it. The best thing is, there are LOT of helpful users so 90% of time, the hummed tune will be recognized.
Midomi also offers similar service except that the recognition is based on computer voice matching rather than user based recognition. Predictably, the recognition success is less than NameMyTune.

Identify a Song by Tapping (on Keyboard)
SongTapper claims to recognize songs by tapping the rhythm on the keyboard. Sounds exciting but unfortunately, complex tunes cannot be tapped on the keyboard hence the service fails miserably in that case. Even for simpler tunes, the results are not satisfactory. But it is worth a try!

Identify a Song when Everything else Fails
There is no need to feel dis-hearted yet. A lot of forums exists where helpful users are plentiful who are more than eager to help in identifying a tune or song. RadioMute is a helpful community of music seeking users where most of the times a song will be identified. The best place is, however, Yahoo! Answers. Post music identification request in the form of a question in Music->Lyrics category. Even for rare unknown songs, consistent efforts will eventually get a positive indentification answers. The story from TrueVision of a very rare and unknown song which was correctly identified by Yahoo Answers is a proof. The story can be read here.

Comments and suggestions are welcomed!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Mastermind - The Computer Game

Feeling bored? Or perhaps looking for something to freshen up the mind? Then download this small utility game which is based on a popular logic game called MasterMind. The gameplay is simple. You have to deduct the hidden sequence of colors chosen by the computer by inputing four colors of your choice. If any of the colors in your sequence matches the corresponding color in computer's chosen sequence, then you get a green answer. If, however, the color is misplaced in the sequence, then you get a red answer. Continue the steps to finally deduct the correct sequence. You have 10 guesses only.
To input colors, either click the color boxes at the bottom or press the first letter of the color name on keyboard. To change levels, press F1, F2 or F3.
The game features automatic saving of score (wins & losses) and 3 difficulty levels.
The only difference from the physical game is that colors can be repeated in the sequence, whereas in the physical game, each color could only be used once.
Enjoy playing!

Mastermind - The Computer Game screenshot

Download: Download from

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Multipurpose Data Calculator

Since the arrival of DSL in the home, one thing that was frequently bothersome was the process of estimating the total time it will take to download a file of certain size, given a constant download speed. Even more so, partly because of extensive use bandwidth management, calculating the speed that should be allocated to download a file of a specified size in a set time duration was necessary.Bored by the repeated calculations, the need for some software emerged that would do the job. One or two softwares already made do calculate time, but not the other options.
Therefore, it was time to brush up the programming skills and create such a software. The result is a calculator, which is named MpDataCalc (Multipurpose Data Calculator), that can calculate speed, time and data size – given any two of the variables.
It will be of benefit to others as well, so here it is.

1) Calculates speed of data transfer, given data size and time
2) Calculates volume or size of data that will be transferred given a specific speed and time duration.
3) Calculates time required to download/upload a file of given size at a specified transfer speed.

MpDataCalc - Utility to calculate various Data Transfer variables.

Download: Download from